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DATING/RELATIONSHIP: My Ex Seems Too Involved With His Other Ex
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Original Letter

Hi there, I never done this before but all I ask is for you to give me straight up advice cause I need help on figuring something out... Why does my ex feel the need to give his kids money to buy his ex a mother's day gift and then go take them to the store to buy it, then stay over there to visit with his kids for a few hours or more? Is it normal for someone to do this for their baby mama on mothers day and choose that day as a visitation day for his kids?

Elder Response

The woman is the mother of his children, Gigi. I'm only guessing, but it would be nice if he respected her and wants his children to love and respect her. Mother's day is a perfect day for that. It seems to me to be a normal and positive thing for him to do.

My question is, why do you care? He's your ex and I assume is out of the picture romantically. His kids, as far as you've said don't really have anything to do with you. Why is this "straight up advice" so important to you. The only reason that makes any sense to me is that you would like to get him back.

If that's the case I think you would be wise to acknowledge that to yourself. Look at the situation as well. I think there may be a chance he wants his family back. As hard as that is, I think if that could happen it would be prudent to let it happen. Mom's and Dad's belong with their children unless there is another compelling reason. Such as being a bad parent.

I wish you well, Gigi. Sometimes letting go and doing what's "right" is painful. I hope you make the best choices. I also would like you to write back and let me know how it's going and add to what you had to say if you'd like. I would love to hear more details.

Best Regards,



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