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Original Letter

I am in a funk. For the past few days, I have lost all motivation to do anything. I am constantly uncomfortable with everything, from the way my hair makes my neck hot to conversation with people who know nothing about me. I'm a writer, and I haven't written anything that I'm proud of since this started. I don't know what to do. I am suddenly hating everything. I hate the way I look and how people walk slow in front of me, I hate that all anyone ever does is talk and no one listens to each other. I am so frustrated with living the same cycle every day, and tired of the formalities of keeping my mouth shut and keeping my never ending thoughts inside my brain. I honestly am so simultaneously astounded and frustrated with my sudden lack of empathy and appreciation, and I have absolutely no clue how to get out of this funk. Uh, advice? Thank you, Sarah

Elder Response

Sarah, I'm sorry it's taken awhile to respond to your letter. Maybe- just maybe- you are past your funk. If not, let's see what's going on.  First, some questions to consider=-

1. What do you think prompted your mood?

2. Has this happened before- and with what frequency?

3. Have you talked to your family about your feelings?

Not knowing your answers, I'm going to assume (generally a bad thing to do) that this is not the first time you've been down. THAT would make you normal, though!!  We all face times when things don't go our way.  The fact you say you're a writer tells me (based on past experience) that you are more sensitive than most people. IF I am correct, do you think your heightened awareness of the world around you has caused this latest funk?

Now let's turn to health. Do you eat well? Have you recently changed or added meds? In addition to environment factors, what you put in your body can affect your mood, according to what I've read and experienced- though you really need to see a doctor for the best advice.

As I read your letter, one word keeps appearing: hate. Something was bothering you and maybe still is. I hope the questions and comments I have shared help you sort things out.  Additionally, let me share two things I do when the world looks sour- walk and write.

I know it seems TOO simple to say " walk it off" but there IS something soothing about just letting your mind roll on a brisk walk. I mean, you may start off with a head full of negative thoughts but most times the world looks a little better when you come home. Are YOU a walker, Sarah? 

I know you ARE a writer, though.  Do you keep a diary? If not, consider starting one because after you walk, I want you to get in the habit of recording how you feel and what you want to accomplish each month.  Writing, to me, helps you sort things out. Posting feelings also gives you a chance to look back to see what caused certain moods as well as how long they lasted.Maybe just writing to this website helped:-)

People with fancy degrees can give you more answers -with a lot of big words- but I tend to look for the simple answers since they are easy to apply in your life. So, answer my questions (as posed earlier), walk AND write. With an understanding of what triggered your anger, and time to process it, my guess is you will get back on track. If this approach DOES work for you- and I think it will- the maybe you use it next time events or people get you down.

Please write back if you wish to tell me how things are going, Sarah

Best Regards,



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