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FRIENDSHIP: Haven't Talked in Months, Should I Go to Her Party?
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Category: Friendship

Original Letter

Hello! So it's a friend of mine's birthday soon and they're throwing her a surprise dinner. I really haven't been talking or seeing her in three months and I just feel weird and I'm not sure if I should go. I talked to another friend about it and she didn't think it mattered at all that we haven't seen or talked in so long. I'm just really wondering if I'm being selfish to consider not going when it might not even be a big deal. Another point of view would be helpful. Should I go to her birthday dinner or should I not?

Elder Response

Put yourself in your friend's shoes. Pretend it is your birthday and your friend that you haven't talked to in three months comes.  How would you feel, happy that they took the time to honor you and celebrate with you?  If so, go to the event as your friend would be happy to see you.  Who knows, you may even rekindle your relationship and grow closer.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Good friends are hard to find so you should cherish the ones you have.

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