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FAMILY: Who do I take to show - Hubby or Son?
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So my husband bought me tickets to see 'Spamilton' in NYC (3 hours from where we live) which is a spoof on the broadway show 'Hamilton'. My son, 13, and I are obsessed with Hamilton, and went to see it last year for his 13th birthday. We sing the show all the time, much to the annoyance of the rest of our family, including my husband. When I opened the tickets I automatically assumed I'd be taking my son. My husband said he was thinking we'd go to the show together. He hates NYC, broadway, musicals, and especially Hamilton. I think he thought it would be funny to laugh 'at' Hamilton (whereas if I took my son we'd be laughing 'with' Hamilton). Of course if I don't take my husband I will hurt his feelings. If I take my son we can go to NYC early and try to get half-price tickets to another show and make a day of it. But of course my husband bought the tickets and I think he was assuming I'd take him. He is such a great guy and a wonderful husband. I just don't think he'll get much of the jokes or appreciate it like my son will. I don't want to hurt his feelings....

Elder Response

TAKE YOUR HUSBAND! He bought you these tickets as a gift. Appreciate them and appreciate him. Your son is only 13. He can see the show another time. In fact, if you enjoy the show, make another occasion to go into New York and see it with him. Children are wonderful, but your mate is your permanent partner. Your son will grow up and leave. You and your husband will have each other, Robin, and you write he is a great guy. I lost a husband at the age of 55 -- over 30 years ago - and have missed him and all that we might have shared during all these years. Your partner should come first. It doesn’t matter if he misses the jokes, he can share your enjoyment of his gift to you.  

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