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Category: Dating/Relationship

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Hi. I'm in 8th grade currently. i know i'm young. I've always told myself do not date anyone until i'm older. Anyways, there's this boy in my class,we'll call him,'B'.He's really shy and quiet but he likes talking to me in school but only school. He hasn't given me his number or email mainly because i'm so scared to ask him for it. Not many people like him, he's kind of an outcast just like me. I want to extend my friendship with him. I want his phone number. I want his email. I want to see him outside of school, but how the heck am i going to get him to do it without making it weird between us? I also have a little crush on him because he's smart,funny, and not totally out there like others in our class. But he's quiet and never talks about much going on in his life. How will i start a relationship with him without risking the good friendship we already have? I'm not sure if he likes me like he doesn't stare at me or try to sit with me ever, but in gym class me,him, and this other girl always play games with each other but that's about it. I think i'm in love. Please help me.

Elder Response

Congratulations! You are having your first crush. Good news! You are a normal teenager.

This will not be the last time you feel this way. It will probably happen 2 or 3 times every year through high school. You want to get to know B better. Of course you do. So, how do you gracefully go about this without making a clown out of yourself?

Keep is casual. Keep it slow. Start with a simple "Wow. I like hanging out with you." or something like that in gym class. Wait to see his response. If it is favorable, follow up with something like "Want to hang out sometime?"

Don't push it. If he seems to like being with you, that is a good sign. Don't look for any sudden commitments or for him to start holding hands and stuff. Take it easy. Just try to hang out. Let him know you are having fun. Boys are generally a bit more shy than girls at this age. See what he likes to do and find a way to be there when he is. See if you have any interests (sports, games, music movies) in common, and let it grow for there.

Good luck, Eve. 

Best Regards,



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