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DATING/RELATIONSHIP: How Do I Start a Conversation with a Beautiful Girl on Twitter?
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Category: Dating/Relationship

Original Letter

The way I found out about this girl (Lori) was through one of my good friend's girlfriend (Kim)posting a picture with her on Twitter and it popped up on my Timeline and I was stunned by her beauty. Kim and I don't know one other very well but ive talked to her a couple times and she knows I'm not a scumbag. I don't follow Kim or Lori on Twitter and I don't know how I should go about doing it. Should I follow Kim on Twitter and ask her who that girl in her picture is and say she's beautiful or something like that? Bc I know Kim will say something to her or should I just straight up follow Lori and say what up, or is that weird because she has no clue who I am?

I'm not good with this type of stuff and I haven't been in a relationship in a couple years. I'm not trying to start a relationship right or anything, I'm wondering how I should go about starting conversation about or with this girl. Oh and I'm not just some weirdo creep lol just some weenie with little relationship experience.

Elder Response

It comes down to this, Jim.  Without some degree of risk in life there is often times no reward.  You must take a chance or else it could end up being a missed opportunity.  I think your best course of action might be to ask Kim who the beautiful girl is in the photo and does she think this girl might be interested in talking to you?  See what her response is.  If you don't hear back from Kim then you can also consider starting a conversaton with Lori.  You can begin by telling her you saw a photo of her on Twitter with Kim.  You can give her a brief explanation that Kim's boyfriend is your good friend.  Tell her that you were "stunned by her beauty."  Most girls will respond to a lovely compliment.  Ask her if she'd be interested in talking to you.  I'd keep it really simple on your first contact until you've tested the water and gauged the temperature.  If you get a luke warm response or no response at all you may need to let this go for now.  You can also consider telling your good friend about the photo and ask him what he knows about this girl.  He could do a little leg work for you by talking to his girlfriend, Kim.  

All of life requires that we sometimes take a leap of faith, Jim, and just do something.  Don't over-think it and don't allow your pride to be hurt if you don't get the response you're hoping for.  Rejection is part of life and not something we can necessarily avoid.  It's how you handle it that matters.  Remember.....no risk.....no reward!

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