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SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Shall I start gymnastics?
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Original Letter

OK, now i might be really weird asking this but no one is helping me with this. i really want to start gymnastics and I think I'm way too old. I'm 12 years old and if I wanted to start gymnastics I would be thirteen by the time I signed up for it. People say 'go at it, do it, you need to because you enjoy it that much.' I look at them and tell them, "If i started gymnastics I'd be really behind while other kids my age are way ahead....WAYYYY." But then some people are saying "you're going to waste your time on it, there's way too much practice and you just won't like it because it will waste part of your life." Personally, I believe that anyone can do anything if they push themselves to do it, and this is something I'm wiling to 'waste' my time on. I do gymnastics on my trampoline all the time and want to learn more advanced skills than just round offs, flips, and cartwheels. I don't know what to do, but it's tossing me around.

Elder Response

ABSOLUTELY sign up. What do you have to lose?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You are not going to get any younger. Do you want to sit around at 20 and regret never having tried?

So what if you are behind the others. You can practice and gain skills. The same is true of anything --- for example, if you started to play the violin now, you would be behind the people who started at 7. So what? Many who start young, drop out. If you are really interested in gymnastics. and try hard, you are bound to improve.

NEVER LISTEN to the naysayers -- the people who are discouraging you.  It is your life and your decision. What is the worst thing that can happen?  If you don't like it, you can quit. You are not signing a contract in blood, and I doubt if anyone in your class will end up a professional gymnast. Do it for the fun and for the experience.

My strongest advice is to live up to your name, Faith, and have faith in your decision.


Best Regards,



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