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Category: Dating/Relationship

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Hi! My name is Wayne and I am in middle school. I want advice on a girl I like. We don't know each other that well, but I would like to get to know her. Also, two of my best friends also like her and I know if she dates one of them it will be short-lived and have a bad ending. What should I do?

Elder Response

As you probably already know, Wayne, relationships are difficult (and often short-lived) in middle school. 

My advice is to see if you can get to know her (and her, you) better. If you share a class together or have any opportunity to casually see her and talk to her, then do it. Starting things off on a friendship basis is a good beginning. Just talk about classes, activities at school, sports: whatever comes naturally and is easy to start a conversation with. Just try to be interested, low-key, and be yourself. (Hope this doesn't sound like too much.)

Don't worry about what might or might not happen if she dates one of your best friends. Keep in mind that this whole new dating thing is trial and error by everyone. You learn who you like often by finding out who you don't like. 

It's  all new territory. Just try to follow your best instincts. Unfortunately, there are no rules.

I wish you the best.

Best Regards,



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