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Category: Dating/Relationship

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Okay so I've been dating this one boy for almost 5 months and well I sent him a message and he simply left me on seen. He is active on all social medias which bothers me too bc he is liking other girls pictures and you know how us girls get jealous. And from this day I still haven't gotten a response and it's been 25 days!! I am honestly worried if he goes a little longer and makes it a month. Like I don't know what to do - should I break up with him or what??

Elder Response

Of course you should break up with him, although his behavior makes it sound as if he has already broken up with you. If you have been with him nearly five months and he has been silent for nearly one month, that takes a huge slice out of your time together. Frankly, I would just move on and forget about him.

Let him wonder where you went. Let him miss you enough to chase after you. Certainly, it is a terrible character trait for him to just drop contact.  He sounds very immature.

Look, Estrella, in any relationship, if there are problems (and there are often problems), the two people should talk about them and work them out. Who would want a partner who disappears? You would never know if anything were wrong. You would never know how to behave. What a dreadful way to live. I think you are super lucky to be rid of him.

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