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SCHOOL: Nervous About Public Speaking In Class
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Original Letter

Hi! I'm in my last year of middle school and I'm not fluent in English so pardon my mistakes. I need advice of something that happened to me a week ago. So I have always been afraid of public speaking and last time I was shaking and i could barely talk in other words it was horrible, people knew I was nervous which made it even worse. So a week ago I wanted to be more confident in public speaking and so I had a project to do and then it was my turn to speak and so I did the most crazy thing. I stood on a chair while speaking my lines and people were looking at me weirdly but for me I gained confident that way (even though it was unexpected) but after that I felt pretty confidence but then right there a girl in my class she was asking why I did that and why was it necessary for to do that. Being the dumbest person instead of ignoring her words I talked to her and said to her why I did that, it might seem a good thing that I did but really I made the situation worse for me and it made me more shy and nervous cause now she knows my insecurity and is not like I'm buddy buddy with her. So now I'm really nervous for my next public speaking cause now she knows why I'm acting this way and it's making me more nervous. What should I do?

Elder Response

You are one courageous lady, Diana!  And, I applaud you.  You had a situation, (public speaking is generally considered one of the MOST difficult things to do and is among peoples' biggest fears) took hold and made it your own.  Who is this "friend" to tell you what or what not to do?  It's HER insecurity that's giving you a hard time.  I think what you did was ingenious, and you took care of business.  The heck with what SHE thinks, what do you think of someone who gets innovative to accomplish a goal she is afraid of failing at, but pushes ahead anyway?  You are GREAT in my book and I wish more folks would do what you did.  

If she knows you're insecure, so what?  We ALL have insecurities.  But the difference is you did something to conquer it, even if it was a little unconventional.  Likely, she doesn't have the nerve to do what you did, so she is trying to make YOU feel bad somehow.  I say bravo to you and if you need to stand on another chair...go do it!  It's this type of behavior, your seeing a challenge and finding a way to handle it, that will propel you forward in life.  I wish I had your determination and "guts" when I was young.  Good for you and good luck to you!

Best Regards,



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