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DATING/RELATIONSHIP: Should I Approach My Crush?
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Category: Dating/Relationship

Original Letter

Hey , My name is Samantha. I'm a Sophomore in College. And in April a guy approached me in the gym and I'm assuming he had a crush on me because it asked to work out with me. But he told me too talk to him after I finished doing Cardio but I never did go talk to him because he was around a lot of other dudes I'm kind of shy around dudes especially if I like you . So it's the end of October and we see each other everyday in the gym , we give each other eye contact but i know he want ever approach me again because the first time he came and talk to me he said he was scared to come talk to me. I wanna approach him but I'm scared that he's not interested anymore. So what should I do?? Help I really have a huge crush on him but I still think SHOULD I APPROACH HIM ?

Elder Response

Of course talk to him, Sam!  As you said, there was some interest earlier...and I don't blame you for not wanting to go up to him when there are other guys around.  There is eye contact, so there's recognition, but it's kind of like you're both waiting to see who will "blink" first.  If you have a huge crush...what's so terrible?  If he seems standoffish (which I DON'T think he will) then, ok, so it's not right and no big deal.  Absolutely try to talk to him...  I wish I'd taken more risks (good ones like this is) when I was younger...opportunities sometimes don't come along every day and it's possible you'll make a new friend (or more from this).  And, if not, so what?  I honestly say go for it.  I've always found the gym a great way to meet every type of friend.  When I lived in another city the gym was where I met most of my close friends!   Even this morning I ran into an old friend...  Go talk to him...And good luck!!  

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