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SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Is Exercise Worth My Time?
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Hello, I have run into a bit of a small issue. Recently, I have started working at a small store near my house and it is allowing me to make something of an income that I can use at my leisure. I decided that I would have half of my paychecks and spend the other half. I wanted to sign up for a gym so I could try to get in shape. As of now, I am tall and skinny with little muscle. I would like to begin working out but I am afraid that it might require me to drop some other activities that I enjoy like playing video games and learning the bass guitar. I guess my question is really what could I benefit from by working out(other than maybe a self esteem boost) and would it really be worth it as a high school senior. Thank you, MGZ

Elder Response

Good question, MGZ!  Yes, it would really be worth it, at any age, to have a regular exercise routine.  Here’s why:

Exercise has many benefits, all of which can lead to a self-esteem boost.  Your lungs and heart will be healthier, and you will have a sense of well-being that others will see and appreciate.  You will sleep better, which will help you get through your busy days more easily, more cheerfully, and more effectively.  You will be getting oxygen to your brain, so it will work more efficiently -- this will help with decision-making and analytical reasoning in school and the rest of your life.  Your strength, balance and flexibility will improve, as will your energy level.  And yes, you'll build muscle.

Trips to the gym can fit easily into your schedule.  One hour a day, three days a week.....surely you can spare that amount of time.  OK, maybe an hour-and-a-half a day, to account for travel time to and from the gym.  Still, that’s only 4.5 hours a week.  There’s time!  You may need to reduce video game time on those three days, but I think that once you get into the routine, you’ll be quite satisfied.  If your gym offers a free session with a personal trainer, I recommend you take advantage of it.  You’ll get advice about creating an exercise regime tailor-made to help you achieve your physical fitness goals.  Check out these web sites for some information to get you started:



By all means, learn the bass guitar, too.  Playing a musical instrument is great for brain development, eye-hand coordination, relaxation and fun.  Combined with regular exercise -- I think you’ll find you are enjoying life a lot more. 

Just as an aside, I want to commend you for wanting to save half of your paychecks.  That is a great habit to get into, one that you will reap many benefits from as you continue it into your adult life. 

I wish you all the best, MGZ. Feel free to write back and let me know how things are going; I’d enjoy hearing from you.  Take care! 

Best Regards,



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