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OTHER: Charity Registry for a Wedding?
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My fiance and I are about to get married. We are both in our early 30s with successful careers, and we already have a houseful of stuff. We are thinking about skipping the wedding registry and directing guests to a few charites. But we are both concerned that this might seem to our guests and family to be ostentatious or otherwise arrogant.

Elder Response

I think this is a wonderful idea, Todd. Not at all ostentatious or arrogant, in my opinion, but very practical and generous. I wish more couples in your situation would consider it.  You might share it with some close family members to get their reaction, but I think most people would be delighted not to have to buy a gift when they know you must already have everything you need. Better for your guests to feel good about donating to a worthy cause, than wonder if the wedding gift they bought will ever be used!!

You could enclose a note with the invitations to the effect that, as you feel fortunate to already have everything you need, you'd appreciate it they would help you to share the happiness of your special day by making a donation to one of the following charities in lieu of a wedding gift - then list the charities you have in mind. 

All the best wishes in the world for your wedding and for a very happy future.

Best Regards,



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