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CAREER: Feeling Stuck In Work I Hate
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I'm part of air cadets, and I was there to get my pilots license, I achieved that over the summer and now I hate the program. I don't like having to go, and I make excuses not to go. I know if I leave I'll be letting down all my officers and it will make other people have to pick up on my slack (as I'm an instructor) I plan on finishing the lesson plans for them to lighten the load but I still don't know if I should stop doing something I hate or stick through for the year. What should I do.

Elder Response

DJ, your well-being is your number one priority in life, and no one can ensure it but you.  Life is about moving away from negative situations, places, and people, and toward positive ones.  When it comes to a choice between your best interests and those of others, with few exceptions you must put yourself first.  People expect us to act sensibly,and know to accept the inconvenience caused by an unexpected departure.  So, the simple answer to your question would be to leave air cadets; however, it's important to consider potential fallout in a situation like this. Are there any serious negative implications for you?  While you recognize you'd let people down, would it affect your personal relationships with anyone that's meaningful to you?  If so, how much, and would it matter to your friendships or future?  I tend to think not, but then you know more about the importance of air cadets where you live than I.  

Finishing out the year is a long time.  The fact that you're already making excuses not to go, and hate it, suggests that before long you may not be doing your best, and your attitude will most likely become evident.  Should this happen, people would think worse of you for lacking the judgment to recognize you needed to leave.  

I hope these thoughts are helpful to you, DJ.  Good luck.      

Best Regards,



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