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SCHOOL: Classmate Is Blackmailing Me
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Original Letter

So, at school, at lunch, I sit next to a few boys. A good friend of mine, Miguel, wants to go out with me & wants me to touch him. So, today, I rubbed his private parts in lunch. And later a handsome boy named Kaiden asked me out, and I said yes. So, Miguel is now literally forcing me to touch him or else he will tell a rumor to the whole school about what I did. Please help me. I've been crying all night & day. ): ~Cherry

Elder Response

What you did with Miguel wasn't "bad" -- it was just foolish. Actually, Miguel is the one who should be ashamed of himself. I don't think he's a very nice person, and you'd be wise to stay away from him. He behaved like a jerk, and is continuing to do so. The next time he demands sexual stuff from you, slap his face and walk away.

As for his threats, ignore them. Sure, he can talk about you to other people, and some people will believe him. And others won't. But if you keep your dignity, don't allow yourself to be used (by Miguel or anybody else), it will all blow over in a short time.

Hold your head high, Cherry, and live up to your own values. They will never lead you into behavior that you later regret.

Thanks for writing to us, and do write back any time.

Best Regards,



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