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FRIENDSHIP: Best Friend Is Mad At Me Over Untrue Rumor
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Original Letter

So my best friend randomly stopped talking to me a couple of days ago. I think it is because a rumor was started that I called his girlfriend a slut, but I did not. The day after that rumor was spread he stopped talking to me, and I am pretty sure he blocked me. I can call him, but I can' text him, none of my messages will deliver to him. I do not know whether I need to get another number and ask him exactly why he is mad, call him, or just let him go. It has been really hard not having him talk to me and it makes me incredibly upset. I just don't know what I should do.

Elder Response

Am so sorry you're going through this with your best friend, Isabella.  Not being able to reach someone when there's a misunderstanding is the worst...it's awful!  If this indeed is a rumor and you were wrongly accused of making negative comments about his girlfriend, then you should try to reach him.  Do what you can to reach him (and if it boils down to snail mail, well, then, do it) but REMAIN CALM.  Tell him what you thought happened, and let him know (CALMLY) that you are hurt and would never, ever say such things.  After you've had your chance to explain your side, then step back and let it go.

That's what you can control.  The rest if out of your control.  If he believes others and not you - then he doesn't really know you - and is easily influenced.  That may be something to consider regarding what kind of friendship you really have with him.  Hopefully he will believe you, realize it WAS a misunderstanding, and you guys can move forward, perhaps being even closer.  Again, try to reach him to explain your side then see what happens.  Good luck!

Best Regards,



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