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FINANCE: Spend Money to Repay Friend on Take a Sorely Needed Vacation?
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Original Letter

Hello, My name is Letha Chauhan, I am a 24 year old Indian women living in the Caribbean islands. I was feeling very confused for a particular reason since a couple of days and needed guidance to make certain decisions of my life. I googled need advice and your website was the first one that popped up and was just what I was looking for. My problem is very insignificant but I am very glad to see that a place like this exists for helping us younger generations and I would like to thank you for everything that you do.

So coming to my problem. Me and my family are planning to buy a place for our business here soon and for that we are taking a small money loan from our friend. We plan on returning it back to him in the next 6 months. Bu since a year me and my husband have been planning to go on a holiday to Europe for which we have saved some money and kept it aside since a year now. We plan on going on a vacation because we work 365 days of th e year for 16 hours everyday and only take some Sundays off.

I am in a delima as to whether we should go on a holiday if we still owe Money to the guy? how would he feel? That we are yet to repay him back and we plan on going to a vacation. the other thing is that if we don't get a chance to go now we won't be able to go on a holiday again till another years time? And this island is so small we can take a tour of it in an hour.

I would really like to know what you feel on this. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to hear me out. I hope you have a wonderful day. Lekha

Elder Response

We are pleased that you found us, Lekha, and thank you for your thoughts.

Your consideration for others is commendable in this case and very understandable as you certainly don't wont to offend someone who has graciously extended a helping hand in this matter.

What I suggest that you strongly consider is simply going to your friend with the well thought out reason for needing a vacation after such a demanding schedule you two have undergone during the past 365 days (at least) and even at the tender age of 24 you simply need a break in order to use his loan in a manner that would guarantee the return of his money in manner that benefits him.

If he sees your request as something he can live with without any recriminations, then you are home free and should continue with your trip to Europe.  If he is not pleased with your proposal, then it will be up to you to decide if you want to proceed with the prospects of offending your friend.  Somehow I feel he will come down on your side of the issue, especially considering the small amount of money you have alluded to.

Presented in the proper context, which I feel you have aptly shared with us, I believe you will be relieved of this concern that is testing you at this present time and the Europe trip will provide a rest and rehabilitation in order to put you in a position to return to your new enterprise by "hitting the road running"  full of energy and new found vitality - don't you think?

Best Regards,



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