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SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Rough Past and No Family Support
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Category: Self-Improvement

Original Letter

so i am only 16 years old. i have been on my own since day one. my mom abandond me when i was born my dad raped my brother witch is why he is in jail now and cant see me.

i have been in and out of jail since the age of twelve. ive been over 20 placements which were foster familys or treatment centers and my own family. its kinda hard for me couse my family does not like me becouse i am a delinquit. i used drugs and drank i am a year sober now. but i really dont have family here to support me.

i struggle with getting attached to people also with handiling my temper if i keep thing bnottled up too much.

Elder Response

~~Congratulations on being sober for a year! This is a huge accomplishment.  This shows that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and that you can be successful.  

Listen, Vicky, I’m sorry you have had a rough past and have no family support.  I was on my own at 16 too and had a rough past as well, but I went on to have a wonderful life, and you will too if you think positive.  The past is over and you can’t go back and change it, so think about what you can do now and in the future, as those are the only times you can change.  

As far as your temper, you are right that you can’t let things bottle up as then you will explode.  One thing that really helps to let your anger out in a safe way is to write down your feelings.  It makes you release them and feel better.  There are also many strategies for controlling and getting rid of anger that you can find on the internet by searching using the words “strategies for controlling anger” and “ways to get rid of stress and anger”.  Try some of the strategies you read about till you find some that work for you.

You can have a wonderful life despite your past, so keep thinking positive and pursue your dreams.

I care.

Best Regards,



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