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DATING/RELATIONSHIP: I think my partner is using me for my money
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Category: Dating/Relationship

Original Letter

Please help me , I think my partner is using me for his own personal gain, financially, I have a job and he doesn't, he still stays with his parents. We constantly have sex when we are together but it doesn't feel the same like it was in the beginning, plus he is always on his phone , talking to random people on the phone while im around , when im gone back to work and I want to chat or just call him to talk he says he doesnt like chatting nor being on the phone, but he is always online on Facebook and on WhatsApp but I get no repliy from hom. All I get is moody comments and attitudes when I ask him about it. 

When it's pay week for me , thats the time he will be nice to , give me attention and so , but after that its back to square one. When ever we go out clubbing , im always left at the seat n see him all around other people and sometimes drives off with the people without me and comes back later asking for money again and goes back to chill living me there , sometimes I end up going home all by myself and see him only the next day .. what should I do !!??

Elder Response

McDonald, Reading your letter my first thought was you need to dump this guy.  He only has time for you when you get paid. He doesn't have a job, lives wit his parents, doesn't call or have social media contact with you, but he constantly chats with others.  When you go clubbing he leaves you to hang with others, leaves the club and doesn't tell you, and sometimes you go home alone.

Nobody should treat you that way; especially a partner. He sounds like he uses friends and family and he also uses you.  This guy sounds like he is very self centered.  He is only marginally involved with you when you get paid, and then he is not there. 

You deserve so much better.  Dump him and meet new people who can be there for you.  Please write again if you would like to discuss this further. Thanks for your letter and good luck.

Best Regards,



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