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FAMILY: Suspect Dad Owes A Lot More Child Support
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Original Letter

This also goes into finance as well. My parents are divorced and my dad pays my mum child support because im under the age of 18. Now, my dad is fairly wealthy, he has a normal job and does ubering when he's bored and has a wife for even more income because they share. My mum on the other hand doesn't have a very well paying job and has to work 6 days a week for me and my 2 sisters to survive and live happy. Now my dad has reduced his child support to $50 a week, which cannot even feed me and my mums family really need it for schooling, food and other necessities. Should I call child support and tell them? I'm pretty sure my dad is lying to them so he doesn't have to pay as much, its against the law but i dont want my dad to find out i told them.

Elder Response

    I am sure you are frustrated with how things appear to be happening, Nathan. Not all parents tell their minor children about their finances in detail, so you might or might not be right about your dad being rich. Either way, I do not think you should call child support. 

    I see two alternatives. One is to talk to your Dad and explain how short of money the household is and ask him to pay more each time. Perhaps he cut the amount without realizing how much was needed.

    Your other choice is to talk to your mother about this and encourage her to seek more money through the child support agency. The agency, or the courts, are the ones best able to determine how much can be afforded by your dad. If there is a financial reason why your dad reduced payments, they should be able to determine what is fair.  If their was no good reason for him to reduce payments they can see that it is corrected.

    It is a shame that you and your sisters have to go through these tough times. I wish you good luck in affecting a change.

Best Regards,



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