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FRIENDSHIP: How To Avoid Inviting Friend on Trip
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Category: Friendship

Original Letter

I'm going on a beach trip to my grand parents beach house with my friends. I have a friend and she thinks of me as a close friend but she stresses me and the rest of my group out. Last year three other girls went and now i want to take another girl (not the girl who stresses me out). I can't say i can only take the girls from last year so I don't know what to tell her. I also can't say we didn't have enough spaces in the car because she would expect to be one of the girls that would have one of those limited seats. helpppppppppp

Elder Response

I understand this is a difficult situation. But you have the right to chose which friends to invite on this trip. You can't invite everyone. Just invite whoever you feel like inviting and leave it at that. You don't have to explain your reasons. If the girl who is left out does get her feelings hurt and asks you why you didn't invite her, just let her know in a nice way that you had to make a decision and that perhaps the two of you can do something special together apart from the beach trip. If she doesn't accept your decision, there's nothing more you can do. Just continue to be nice to her. She will either get over her hurt feelings or the two of you  may have to stop being friends.It sounds like there may be some other issues with this girl as you say she stresses you out. Just invite the girls you want to invite and have a good time at the beach! This will all work out in time.

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