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FRIENDSHIP: Help me keep this friendship.
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Ok, so my very dearest best friend is also like a cousin to me; we shared everything we had, and she's the most important person in my life. She has to move to another school, but my parents say that my future will be ruined if I moved to that school and they won't let me move with her. It is well-known that trying to keep a friendship strong is hard from two separate schools. What should I do?

Elder Response

Having to separate from long-term friends can always be difficult, Teri.  When I was 11 my folks moved and I had to go to a different school and I was SO UPSET.  In those days there were no cell phones, no texts, no email, no computers, etc.  But we STILL maintained a friendship because we made the effort.

And you will too.  And, with the help of technology you'll keep up, daily, if you want.  I totally understand your anxiety about it, but the friendship will remain strong.  Yes, you'll meet new friends and so will she, but that's just more for you to talk about.  Try to relax if you can.  It will take a little more effort on both your parts....and a little more planning.  But I assure you, if the friendship is strong, it will last.  I still have friends from Junior High/Middle school and I'm almost 70 years old!  Friendships survive moving 3000 miles (or more!) away, and through different lives and challenges.  This will, too.

Your folks want what's best for you, and perhaps they feel that changing to this other school won't give you the education you need - or it's not as good as what you're getting now.  Feel better...this is NOT the end of your friendship, not by a long shot.  Good luck.

Best Regards,



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