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OTHER: Go for the Daring Hairstyle?
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Original Letter

Im dyeing my hair purple and shaving the side of my head and I worry that I'll lose confidence and care what other people think, but I really want to do it.

Elder Response

Well, Sarah, you're smart to 'look before you leap' into dying your hair purple and shaving the side of your head! I looked online. It seems like a color and style quite a few young people try. Hardy unique! People will, you know, will accuse you of copying whichever current famous person has that style. 

Make sure whichever famous people sporting that style are people you want to be aligned with. People tend, unfortunately, to judge on looks... especially looks like this which are purposely chosen. People may mistakenly put you in a group that you might not want to be associated with. 

If you're in high school you will bring on scrutiny and remarks. If you're out and working a job, you might risk your job. Older people, like myself, may not trust you because of the wild look you've decided to sport. Beware too that sporting such a style may make you a 'target' of anyone.

I'd suggest not doing both the dying and shaving at the same time. Dye first because it can be easily reversed. Shave only when you know you are courageous and sure enough of yourself to handle the scrutiny and remarks. (This plan also allows you to sport two new styles!)

Being cautious myself, I'd suggest you prepare carefully. When you buy the dye, buy a package of your original hair colored dye too. That way you can change things back if you find people to be too cruel. My little bit of research revealed that getting a good shade of purple may require bleaching the hair first so the color will be the right shade. Bleaching can be hard on hair. It might make it brittle or cause it to fall out. It would be a good idea to have the coloring done professionally. Consider, too, the upkeep. You will probably need to prepare to touch up your roots every so often. 

Shave later, when you're sure you can handle it, because hair takes a while to grow back. Shaving is not easily reversed. And, I'd point out, may go through awkward stages that last for months as you try to let it grow out. I've never liked my hair to look like a fuzzy baby chick! 

While you say you really want to dye your hair purple and shave the side of your head, this may be an impulsive feeling that passes in a short time. You'd be smart to wait and observe what happens to someone else who braves a new bold style. 

I hope I've been of help. Feel free to write anytime!

Best Regards,



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