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SCHOOL: Worried I Won't Get Into Grad School
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Category: Career

Original Letter

I was looking into grad schools I found one that is perfect. The program is accredited and they really take care of their students. I don’t meet the GPa requirement by .3 I contacted them they stated that they look at other things as well like letters of Recommendation and GRe score. I scored average on the Gre. I thought about taking graduate level courses so I can prove I am capable of doing the work at a college near home but the courses that I should take they put restrictions on so now I am in a pickle and I’m. It sure what to do.

Elder Response

As a first step before taking any additional courses I would suggest you follow their suggestions of getting recommendation letters and and seeing how they react in conjunction with your GRE score.  Sometimes schools can be flexible on admissions, especially if you make a strong statement and impression about your desire to attend this specific school.  I think scheduling a face to face meeting with someone in the admissions office to communicate your desire to attend this school would be favorably received.

As an additional step you could sign up to take the GRE exam again.  Many people do better the second time around having learned something from their first experience.  You may also want to consider trying to bolster your chances of getting a better score by joining a study group or taking a prep course that may be offered.  By learning some test taking tips and techniques along with taking some more practice exams to become more familiar with the types of questions on the exam it's highly likely you will score better.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.  Good luck !


Best Regards,



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